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Trust Link Mechanical Services, Inc. with your AC repair in New Britain.
Lic#S 1-387433
Trust Link Mechanical Services, Inc. with your AC repair in New Britain.
Lic#S 1-387433

Heat Pump Conversion

Heat Pump Conversions

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, customizable HVAC system that can be installed in any home in the New Britain area, then you might want to consider installing a heat pump. A great replacement for gas and oil-guzzling furnaces, these systems bundle heating and cooling in one neater, quieter package.

Are you ready to make the switch? Give LINK a call at 860.826.5880 for a free quote on heat pump installation.

The Benefits of Going With a Heat Pump:

  • More even and consistent heating
  • Improved temperature control
  • More space where you need it
  • No compatibility issues
  • Large reductions in home energy use
  • Fewer greenhouse emissions
  • Heating and cooling in one place

Let LINK Help You Take Advantage of Rebates

In addition to long-term savings, heat pump installation lets you net savings NOW. Because of their lower emissions and environmental benefits, the government now gives out rebates for heat pump conversion. These discounts often run into the thousands of dollars.

And don’t worry about navigating that stupid paperwork! Our HVAC experts are here to help you get every penny you’re owed.

How Heat Pumps Work

It can help to think of a heat pump as an air conditioner that can run in reverse. When the system detects a temperature that is too hot or too cold, it turns on. In the summer, it uses refrigerant to pull heat from inside your home. During cooler weather, meanwhile, the heat pump extracts heat from outside and pulls it into your home. This allows it to both heat and cool.

Dual-Fuel Heat Pumps

This style of heat pump is the target of many discounts and rebates in the New Britain area – pair an electric heat pump with a gas, propane or oil furnace. It then alternates between these fuel sources to increase comfort and efficiency. During fall, spring, and summer, the heat pump does all the work. But, when Jack Frost appears, the fossil fuel furnace takes over. In many ways, this is the best of all possible worlds.

Call to Schedule Your No-Cost, No-Obligation, Fair Up-Front Quote Today

Link Mechanical Services’ professionally-trained and knowledgeable estimators will work with you to design a system that will deliver real comfort, increased energy efficiency, savings, and to promote longer equipment life.

We start by completing an Analysis and Load Calculation of your home. This information will help us determine which type of system will best fit your needs. After this has been completed, we will provide you options and provide you the information you need to make an informed decision.

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