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Lic#S 1-387433


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The Importance Of Ductwork

The duct system in your home or business is a vital part of your heating and air conditioning system.   In fact, it can have a BIG impact on how well your system performs, which will affect your comfort, energy usage (and cost), the life of your system and the quality of your indoor air.

Performance Testing

Think about this…

Let’s say you are about to run a marathon.  You’ve been training, and you are ready to go.  However, on the day of the race, you find out you have run while breathing through a straw. The restriction of your airway would not allow you to draw in the air your body would need, and that would have a serious IMPACT on your performance.

Faulty ductwork can have a similar effect on the ability of your heating and cooling equipment to function properly.  Without proper airflow, your system will not run as efficiently as designed. This affects your comfort, drives up your energy usage (and cost) and puts additional strain on your heating and cooling system that could lead to repairs down the road. 

Through our Performance Testing process we can measure the effectiveness of your ductwork in relation to the airflow needs of your heating and cooling system, to determine if any modifications or repairs are needed.  Correcting problems with your duct system will result in quieter system operation, improved air flow, less strain on your system (fewer breakdowns), improved efficiency (and lower utility costs) and improved comfort and quality of indoor air. 

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