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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Are you getting paid what you're worth?

Are you being challenged?

Are you actually using your special skill set?

Are you getting the respect you deserve for your talents, the long hours you work and the physical strain this job requires?

If you answered NO, to any of these questions, please read on.

How We Cover After-Hours Service:

Even though emergency service is a part of the job, I want my people to have a life as well. Because of this, I only schedule my techs to cover emergency service about one week every two months, so they have the ability to plan and do things with their family. For the week they are on call, they earn an additional $125 (on Holidays they get an extra $125) whether they run any calls or not.

How We Manage After-Hours Service:

I don’t run our techs ragged on after-hour service. Our On-Call Techs, are only required to run emergency calls for our maintenance customers. Should they decide to take an emergency call from a customer that is not on our maintenance plan—they get paid extra to do so.

How We Look Out For Our Techs:

In our type of business, working without sleep is not only disruptive, but can be dangerous. Because of this, we don’t send anyone out after midnight on emergency calls unless there's a risk to health or property. Instead, we reschedule things to try to be there first thing in the morning.

Additional Income Opportunities:

Having been a tech once, I understand that the ability to make additional money is a nice benefit. If my technicians want to get extra time (and additional income), they can voluntarily be added to the emergency rotation on days they aren’t scheduled.

Career Growth and Development:

I want my techs to have careers—not just jobs. I take pride in the fact that I have technicians who have been happy at my company for over 15 years. I’m also proud that the few who have left the company—didn’t do it to work for my competitors.

Great Income Potential:

Because I have the best service and install team in the area, I make sure to make it easy to provide for their families by paying them well. Not only can my technicians make additional money by suggesting and selling beneficial products to our customers, but our top techs can make over $75,000 a year in wages (plus the spiff opportunities on top of that). I also provide our technicians uniforms, a vehicle to take home, as well as provide ongoing training to continually give them the opportunity to grow their skillset. In addition, we offer benefits including paid Holidays, paid time off (for vacations and personal time), health insurance plans, profit sharing and matching 401K.

Healthy-Positive Work Environment:

Link Mechanical Services is good place to work with good people to work with. We have a company that you would be proud to work for. This isn’t an accident. I take pains to make sure that we hire the best people. We drug test all our employees, and do not tolerate shoddy work or deceptive practices. More importantly, our people are given the respect they deserve as professional tradesman.

These are only a few of the reasons why Link Mechanical Services has been successful in not only being a place our employees are proud to work—but a business for which they like to work.

I appreciate the time you’ve taken to let me explain why I think it would be in your interest to apply for one of the positions I’m trying to fill. I hope you are the type of person I’m looking for, and that you seriously look at what my company can offer to you and your family. If this opportunity is something you are interested in exploring, give me a call. I would love to talk to you. Or, if you prefer, fill out our discreet and confidential online employment inquiry

If you have the qualifications for which we are looking, we will schedule an interview at a time convenient for you. I understand that the thought of changing one’s employment can be a potentially stressful decision for your family. Because of this, I would want to make sure that you have a chance to discuss it with your spouse so any questions they may have about the offer we give you, or our company, can be answered as well.  


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